Brad; Your talents and professionalism are greatly appreciated, Thanks Again for all the guidance and helpful advice.

Dennis and Debbie

Brad; I have excellent news – an HVAC technician confirmed that the entire HVAC system needs to be replaced (in fact he couldn’t even get the blower to turn on for the furnace) so the seller has agreed to replace the furnace & A/C unit for me. Thanks to you I’m saving thousands of dollars! If you ever would like a testimonial or to use me as a reference, please let me know because I would be more than happy to do so.

Jess Kreider

Thank you so much for the wonderful inspection and report! I really appreciate you fitting me in on such short notice. It was quite an insightful experience to say the least – it’s almost embarrassing how blind I was to some of the problems.

Jess Kreider

Thanks again for doing our Home Inspection. Some great things came out of it that we were not aware of. I think my Home Inspector husband learned a few things!!


Your talents and professionalism are greatly appreciated, Thanks Again for all the guidance and helpful advice.

Dennis and Debbie

I got your report and have just received the referrals. Thank you so much for such a thorough inspections and for the referrals. I will keep you posted as to how everything turns out. As I mentioned, there will be a meeting in September with the lawyers and trustees to go over the facts assembled. Your report will be most helpful.

Sincerely, Martha C. Peter

Thanks for your detailed inspection of our future home.

Grant and Jenny

Thank you so much for your thorough inspection...keeping my fingers crossed they agree to the larger items! It was a pleasure meeting you.


Thanks Brad;
It was nice to meet you. I really appreciate that you went above and beyond to accommodate on such short notice. Have a great weekend.


Hi Brad,

I just wanted to take this opportunity out to say, "thank you," for making this home inspection for me a learning venture. You were really clear with how you explained things and I learned a lot from you... I will get in touch with you if I have any questions.

Thanks so much again...
Ni Chim


Thanks again for your help today. It was very much a learning experience for Eric and me both. We enjoyed having you introduce us, so to speak, to our new home. It was very informative and has us all the more encouraged about the buy!

Again, thank you so much for your help. I look forward to having the opportunity to refer you to friends in the future!

Gwen Dickert

Senior Accountant

Thank you for your assessment and interest in making my future home a happy
one! You were both personable and professional! I will not hesitate to
recommend you to my associates. I wish peace, health, and happiness to you
and yours.

Dear Mr. Strange:

Thank you for your complete and though review of our new home. I encountered a few problems when I did the walk through the next day. Because I had your report, we were able to address some costly issues prior to us buying our new home i.e.; Leaky Roof, Sump Pump installation)
I would definitely recommend your services to everyone I know who is buying a home (old or new).
My husband and I thank you again for all of your work.
Natlian Lee
Andrew Lee

Thank you Brad.
I've gotten two requests for your card, since I've spoken so
highly of you. Thank you so much for your professionalism. I got my client 2K
cash at closing using your report.
See you again,

Brad: Thanks for your work and an education in the inspection process. There is nothing like doing the "low crawl" to better understand some of the things to look for.



Thank you for the report. It was very thorough, which we definitely appreciated. We'll see how many of the items they actually fix and how many they try to get away with...

I'm putting the check in the mail today, so you should have it no later than Monday. Thank you again for your assistance. Caryn and I were both very pleased with your service and expertise. We will recommend you to anyone we know that is buying a house.

Thank you!

John M. Gross, III

Hi Brad,
Thank you so much for your time and patience with all of our questions and
for the recommended handyman.


Hi Brad,

Thanks a lot. Koichi told me that you are excellent & he enjoyed yesterday.
We will try to maintain the part you pointed out & keep the house in good condition..
We definitely feel you are the best Inspector.

Kimi & Koichi

Dear Brad:

Thanks for a job well done - thorough and excellent -- "Looking Out for Us". We assume they will follow your inspection results and take it from there for fixes, repairs, and replacements?

aichin & roger

Thank you for the inspection report. It was also a pleasure to go around the
house and learn new things with you. Thank you for your input and I will be
reading the preventive maintenance book you gave me.
If I have any questions once I've read through it, Can I e-mail you?


My wife and I are very pleased to tell you that we are extremely happy and impressed with the walk-thru and results of the thorough inspection you made this afternoon.
We look forward to tomorrow's meeting with Toll Brothers with your report in our hands.

W/ appreciation,
mario & emee

Professional stuff - and timely! Thanks to you, Brad.

Daniel Connolly

Brad: Thank you very much! . Thanks to your findings we are negotiating the price from the listing agent to do the fixes.

Regards, Madhav


Thank you for the report. Having it in email significantly increases the chances that I won't misplace it.



Thank you very much for your thorough report. I was impressed with your service and will be sure to call you again for my future home inspections! It’s nice to receive such quality services.


thank you for taking the time to do such a thorough inspection.
We will gladly recommend you to anyone we know who is in need of an inspection.

Best Regards,

Thank you so much for all of your help with regards to my new home. It was so admirable of you to wait while an agent came to let us in. I think the inspection was very thorough and that you are very nice. I
am a mortgage broker and will be pleased to recommend you to anyone in need of a home inspector.
Rebeca Arnold

Brad; Thanks.
Just FYI:

- they agreed that a drain is needed in the basement and one will be made to connect to the "drain tile" underneath the floor next to the furnace (which will feed to the sump pump).
- the real holiday lighting outlet in the dining room was actually hidden by the drywall (and needs to be pulled out and connected)
- the last/missing recessed light in the kitchen will also be installed
- they also agreed that the driveway must be extended at least up to the exterior door.
- All other smaller items are marked and will be fixed.
Thanks again,
Morten Sorensen

Dear Brad; Thank you very much for taking care of this inspection in such a timely fashion. You are very thorough, and I really appreciate your working with my clients so carefully.

Pat Cooper; Long & Foster

Brad; Thanks for a great job in such a timely fashion.

Dear Mr. Strange - Brad,
It was a pleasure to meet you on Sat, 11\06.
Thank you very much for your time and expert evaluation with the pre-dry wall inspection.
We thank you for the quick turn around with the inspection report and for your patience and pleasantness in answering our questions.

Dear Mr. Strange - Brad,

It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you very much for your time and expert evaluation with the pre-dry wall inspection.
We thank you for the quick turn around with the inspection report and for your patience and pleasantness in answering our questions.



Thank you for your report and hard work. Over many conversation and lots of thinking the xxx are going to excercise their right to kick out of contract. BUT we are offering another contract on a property
Thanks, Leslie

Mr. Strange;
Your inspection of the Clear Spring house was excellent and we have no regrets about how things turned out. The house was going to be a real challenge to maintain though very attractive.

Thanks again.
Ashraf Rizk

Thank you for the great job you did.
Thanks; N.J. Dhue
Dear Brad; I was very impressed with your inspection, and your rapport with the client was excellent. Thank you, too, for being available when we needed you. You will definitely hear from me in the future.

Thanks so much; Pat Cooper

Hi Brad,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for performing the home inspection on such short notice and for sending this report so quickly! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your sharing your expertise with me while you were performing the inspection and for all the very helpful explanations and hints. It was such a pleasure to meet you and Thu was not kidding when she said that you were EXCELLENT! Thank you again and I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know who needs a home inspection. Have a very nice weekend!

Sincerely yours,


Thank you for your detailed report with the photographs. You've done an excellent job.
I must say thank you to Pradeep for referring you to me.



It was very nice to have met you today. I thought you were very good and explained everything Peter and Ashlee need to know. Please send me some more of your cards.


Brad; Thank you so much. It was also very nice to meet you. I learned a lot during our time together. Thanks for the handyman referral.


Mr. Strange; Thank you for the thorough inspection and quick turn around on the documents.
It was good to meet you and I will give your card to my landlord (who is selling the house I live in now).
Take care,